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OutForm Studio?

OutForm Ceramics Studio is not merely a space for creative expression; it embodies the vision to inspire people, positively impact lives, and encourage a pursuit of individual lifestyles infused with art. Ceramics, as a medium, has a rich history and endless possibilities. Connections among individuals with shared passions are akin to different types and temperatures of clay—compatible yet distinct. Through OutForm, the goal is to bring together individuals who have a passion for life and creativity, building a community of art enthusiasts where everyone connects, sparking unexpected results. At its core, OutForm represents a manifestation of passion for life, dedication to creation, and a desire for a space where people can gather, share, and thrive.

Li Ting Leah Wang, the founder of OutForm Ceramics Studio, embarked on her artistic practice at Camosun College's Visual Arts program in 2016. It was during her exploration of contemporary art that she developed a profound interest in installation art. As an art student, Leah delved into various mediums, but it was the synthesis of ceramics and wood that became the focal point of her artistic practice.

In her works, Leah seeks to foster interaction between ceramics and the audience, exploring the inherent movement of ceramics and how it guides the viewer's perceptions. Drawing inspiration from structuralism and deconstructivism, she uses ceramics as a medium to explore systematic elements and block compositions.

After graduating from Emily Carr in 2021, Leah ventured into the realm of functional ware, continues integrating the idea into the form of daily use objects. Influenced by her father's dedication to interior design, Leah's approach to life and lifestyle was shaped during her formative years. The dream of establishing a community studio took root during her school days, driven by the belief that connections among individuals with shared passions are akin to different types and temperatures of clay—compatible yet distinct. Leah went to different studios to study and practice after graduation, and officially laid the groundwork for OutForm at the end of 2022.
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      Do I need prior experience to take a class?

      No prior experience is required! We offer classes for all skill levels, from complete beginners to experienced ceramic artists. Our instructors will tailor instruction to your level of experience.

      What is included in the class fees?

      Class fees typically include instruction, access to studio equipment and tools during class time, and basic materials. Additional fees may apply for clay, glazes, and firing, depending on the class.

      Can I bring my own clay or tools?

      You are welcome to bring your own tools, but we recommend using our studio clay and materials to ensure compatibility with our kilns and glazes. Our staff can help you choose the right materials for your project.

      How long does it take to complete a pottery piece?

      The time required to complete a ceramic piece varies depending on its complexity, size, and the techniques used. Simple projects may be finished in one session, while more intricate pieces may take several weeks or multiple sessions.

      Can I store my unfinished projects at the studio?

      Yes, studio members have the option to store their unfinished projects in designated storage areas. This is a convenient option for those working on larger or long-term projects.

      Can I get a refund for purchased or missed classes?

      Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. However, we understand that plans can change. If your class is more than 7 days away and has not started, we provide flexibility. You can consider options such as switching to another available class or moving your enrolment to a future course. Please note that a nominal $30 administration fee applies for any changes. To make adjustments, simply notify us at least 7 days before the scheduled start of the first class. We appreciate your understanding.